I Don’t Understand Hate

Really…I don’t.  What does what someone does in their own personal life have to do with how it affects someone else’s personal life?  I don’t want to hear the old “Well, Jesus says it’s WRONG” because NEWSFLASH – not everyone believes in Jesus.

Some idiot from Columbus who work(ed) for Columbus Schools decided to use Facebook as a means of harassing those who will be attending Stonewall this weekend.  Behold his fuckery:

Ahead of the event, organisers received a homophobic threat from a Facebook user under the name of Chris Dodds, referencing the terror attack on the Boston marathon.

 The message said: “I hope this event turns out like the Boston Marathon a few year’s [sic] back. All fag’s should be killed or at least relocated.”  Source: Pink News

REALLY?  Meet Chris Dodds — bigot, hater, and all around dumb ass.


His Facebook contains hateful comments about minorities, Muslims and anyone else who doesn’t meet his white standards.  Just yesterday he was going off about the fight to remove the Confederate flag.

Chris Dodds Can’t they spend there time doing something more important that bitching about southerners culture. We don’t protest roads named after Martin Luther King. Blacks have there pride, let the southern people have theirs.
His threats are being investigated by law enforcement.  His disgusting reference that all gays should be killed or relocated is really hard to swallow. What makes someone this hateful?  Generally, I have found that those who are so hateful like this or so hell bent on hurting others with ugly words like that are closeted.  They are so effed in the head that they are shamed for who they really are.  That shame comes from the church or their upbringing and they aren’t mature enough to be okay with who they are so they thrash on others.
This guy is going to lose his job that paid for his nice home, and all for what?  Because he couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut and let others be who they wish to be.
Columbus City Schools has made a  statement.

Thank you to community partners and allies from across Columbus (and some from cities across the country) for supporting our response to inappropriate comments made by a District employee on his personal social media. Columbus City Schools values and celebrates its diversity. Please know that we are working with authorities to address this matter and his actions. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Our District will be participating in the Pride Parade Saturday with more than 400 teachers, staff, students, families, friends and allies. We hope to see you there as well. #SpiritofCCS


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