Ohio State Fair Disaster

I stayed home sick yesterday.  Between my back and the diverticulosis, I was a hot mess and ended up on the couch all day. Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOATHE being so ill that I can’t do anything but lay like a slug.  I slept most of the day, and around 10PM woke up on the couch.  I had the TV on and the local news was live broadcasting the tragedy at the fair.

Once I figured out what had happened, my heart was heavy.  This morning I watched a video of a girl who was on the ride when it happened and she was in shock.   Someone should have gotten her medical care rather than get an interview.  She was in bad shape from the things she saw when the ride fell apart.  I can’t even imagine, but the world is now the desire for the most salacious stories to get ratings.

The Ohio State Fair holds such special memories for me.  My stepfather used to get us jobs there as teens, and during fair time, we were there nearly daily.  He knew people.  LOL  I don’t know who they were or whether they were just carnies he had befriended, but he played all the games and won us stuffed animals.  The fair was really his favorite time of the year, and he went everyday that it was open.  It just reminds me of how simple things used to be.  Sometimes I miss that simplicity.


F*%& Cancer

My friend is dying.  The prognosis is not good.  She has been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma in her lungs wrapped around the superior vena cava.  She, like me, is straight forward and would rather deal with the truth than truth that is sugarcoated for the sake of making the stark reality of her situation.

It’s not good.  Without chemo she may have 3-6 months; with it she may have an additional 3-6 months if the therapy doesn’t blow up her heart or shut down her kidneys.  These aren’t good odds, and they certainly aren’t what I expected to hear.  I’m sure her husband and son are beside themselves.  I know that I am.  I’ve been fighting back tears ever since I read her goodbye to us.  She started chemo today.  She’s not sure how sick it will make her and if she will be able to communicate much on our forum or on Facebook.  Reading her goodbye was a hard pill to swallow.  It’s not fair, and I fucking HATE cancer.  People shouldn’t have to pass on in its painful, deadly grips. They should be able to grow old and see their children have children, and do all the things that we as humans want to do as we near our golden years – not wither away in a hospital bed, being filled with one poison that will hopefully kill another to allow just a little more time.

All I can say is life is not fair.  It sucks and the older I get the more I will never understand why horrible things happen to good people.  Please don’t lecture me on “G*d” or how he never gives more than a person can bear, yadda yadda, blah blah blah.  We have no fucking idea what the Spirit, the Creator or the many gods have in mind while they are strapping us little humans along in their game of life.  All I know is that far too many people in my life have succumbed to cancer.  Far more than one would expect with all the advancements made in cancer research over the past 50 years, and people are STILL dying.  (Thanks Big Pharma, you merciless bitch).

But, I am angry.  I am helpless and there is nothing I can do.  Nothing to say to make it better in my mind and certainly nothing that I could say that would make my friend feel better about her diagnosis.  I’ve tried all day to not let sadness just overtake my being and sob.

Life is not fair.


I Don’t Understand Hate

Really…I don’t.  What does what someone does in their own personal life have to do with how it affects someone else’s personal life?  I don’t want to hear the old “Well, Jesus says it’s WRONG” because NEWSFLASH – not everyone believes in Jesus.

Some idiot from Columbus who work(ed) for Columbus Schools decided to use Facebook as a means of harassing those who will be attending Stonewall this weekend.  Behold his fuckery:

Ahead of the event, organisers received a homophobic threat from a Facebook user under the name of Chris Dodds, referencing the terror attack on the Boston marathon.

 The message said: “I hope this event turns out like the Boston Marathon a few year’s [sic] back. All fag’s should be killed or at least relocated.”  Source: Pink News

REALLY?  Meet Chris Dodds — bigot, hater, and all around dumb ass.


His Facebook contains hateful comments about minorities, Muslims and anyone else who doesn’t meet his white standards.  Just yesterday he was going off about the fight to remove the Confederate flag.

Chris Dodds Can’t they spend there time doing something more important that bitching about southerners culture. We don’t protest roads named after Martin Luther King. Blacks have there pride, let the southern people have theirs.
His threats are being investigated by law enforcement.  His disgusting reference that all gays should be killed or relocated is really hard to swallow. What makes someone this hateful?  Generally, I have found that those who are so hateful like this or so hell bent on hurting others with ugly words like that are closeted.  They are so effed in the head that they are shamed for who they really are.  That shame comes from the church or their upbringing and they aren’t mature enough to be okay with who they are so they thrash on others.
This guy is going to lose his job that paid for his nice home, and all for what?  Because he couldn’t keep his damn mouth shut and let others be who they wish to be.
Columbus City Schools has made a  statement.

Thank you to community partners and allies from across Columbus (and some from cities across the country) for supporting our response to inappropriate comments made by a District employee on his personal social media. Columbus City Schools values and celebrates its diversity. Please know that we are working with authorities to address this matter and his actions. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Our District will be participating in the Pride Parade Saturday with more than 400 teachers, staff, students, families, friends and allies. We hope to see you there as well. #SpiritofCCS

The World Has Gone Mad



I think that statement is more of a fact than an observation.  This morning some crazy, white guy from Illinois went on a shooting rampage at the Congressional baseball practice field, and mowed down several people, including a senator in a hail of gunfire.  Later on someone rushed a UPS center/warehouse in San Francisco and shot up the place injuring many and I don’t know how many were killed.  Last night Grenfell Towers in London caught on fire and many died more than likely because of corporate greed and slumlordery.  Every day it’s something else that makes me wonder if it really is time to give up hope in humanity.  I try to find something in everything that I can see the good in or that brings a smile to my face from a random act of kindness, but those moments seem to be buried by the violence or hate that overshadows them on the nightly news.

4gfkt8pJames T. Hodgkinson, the crazed man who went on the shooting spree this morning was allegedly posting on Facebook that he was going to destroy Trump.  His Facebook page  (which has already been deleted more likely by the FBI and LE) showed a strong dislike of President Trump, his administration and his policies. His “likes” on Facebook included  a number of extremist groups such as “The Road to Hell is Paved With Republicans,” “Terminate the Republican Party” and others.   Bottom line is this man was disturbed.  He HUNTED humans today for the sole reason that he despised their politics.  Seriously…WTF!  What happened to live and let live?


Even worse than psycho from Illinois going on a man hunting spree, a Huffington Post journo tweeted “fuck Steve Scalise”.    I just don’t even have words to describe how gross that is.  Journos, professionals, even Presidents are held to a higher standard of behavior.  Who are we to look up to if all of those we are to emulate act like animals?  The world has turned into a shit train of crazy.  No one wants to be polite anymore.   No one wants to be courteous or even empathetic.  I’ve seen so much garbage on Twitter today from all political parties that I finally stopped reading.

Today I feel like I want someone to stop the world so I can get off.


Putting It In the Rearview

There comes a time when growing up means putting some of our views in the past and moving on.  I’m at that point.  While I love writing about true crime cases, I sure do manage to collect a bunch of booger eating weirdos that want to cling to my ass like a festering zit.  It gets old, and very tiresome.   I’ve managed to get rid of the majority of them…save for that one bibbed overalls wearing fisting champion from Virginia, but she’s nothing that a quick and dirty phone call  shouldn’t take care of.  Don’t Rush to judgment, m’dear.  😉

One would think these women (if they can be called that) would have given up on this long ago.  It’s an old vendetta with no real ending other than they must enjoy the drama. I’ve asked a number of times…what’s the end game?  At what point will they take their toys and go home?  I’m not going to stop writing, nor am I going to stop crime blogging — so what is it they wish to accomplish?  Deportation measures haven’t worked.  I’m not going to be arrested by the Feds for destroying Steubenville.  None of their hopes and dreams are going to come true.  It’s just best that they move on with their lives.  I’ve done it, and don’t plan on looking back.

It has been MAGNIFICENT not to have to deal with certain personalities over the past few months.  Like cancer, their toxic behavior was just bad and literally emotion suck.   I’m just glad to have it gone from my life.  I miss writing about nothing and not being nailed down to just true crime.

Onward and upward — put it in the rearview!!