Putting It In the Rearview

There comes a time when growing up means putting some of our views in the past and moving on.  I’m at that point.  While I love writing about true crime cases, I sure do manage to collect a bunch of booger eating weirdos that want to cling to my ass like a festering zit.  It gets old, and very tiresome.   I’ve managed to get rid of the majority of them…save for that one bibbed overalls wearing fisting champion from Virginia, but she’s nothing that a quick and dirty phone call  shouldn’t take care of.  Don’t Rush to judgment, m’dear.  😉

One would think these women (if they can be called that) would have given up on this long ago.  It’s an old vendetta with no real ending other than they must enjoy the drama. I’ve asked a number of times…what’s the end game?  At what point will they take their toys and go home?  I’m not going to stop writing, nor am I going to stop crime blogging — so what is it they wish to accomplish?  Deportation measures haven’t worked.  I’m not going to be arrested by the Feds for destroying Steubenville.  None of their hopes and dreams are going to come true.  It’s just best that they move on with their lives.  I’ve done it, and don’t plan on looking back.

It has been MAGNIFICENT not to have to deal with certain personalities over the past few months.  Like cancer, their toxic behavior was just bad and literally emotion suck.   I’m just glad to have it gone from my life.  I miss writing about nothing and not being nailed down to just true crime.

Onward and upward — put it in the rearview!!