The World Has Gone Mad



I think that statement is more of a fact than an observation.  This morning some crazy, white guy from Illinois went on a shooting rampage at the Congressional baseball practice field, and mowed down several people, including a senator in a hail of gunfire.  Later on someone rushed a UPS center/warehouse in San Francisco and shot up the place injuring many and I don’t know how many were killed.  Last night Grenfell Towers in London caught on fire and many died more than likely because of corporate greed and slumlordery.  Every day it’s something else that makes me wonder if it really is time to give up hope in humanity.  I try to find something in everything that I can see the good in or that brings a smile to my face from a random act of kindness, but those moments seem to be buried by the violence or hate that overshadows them on the nightly news.

4gfkt8pJames T. Hodgkinson, the crazed man who went on the shooting spree this morning was allegedly posting on Facebook that he was going to destroy Trump.  His Facebook page  (which has already been deleted more likely by the FBI and LE) showed a strong dislike of President Trump, his administration and his policies. His “likes” on Facebook included  a number of extremist groups such as “The Road to Hell is Paved With Republicans,” “Terminate the Republican Party” and others.   Bottom line is this man was disturbed.  He HUNTED humans today for the sole reason that he despised their politics.  Seriously…WTF!  What happened to live and let live?


Even worse than psycho from Illinois going on a man hunting spree, a Huffington Post journo tweeted “fuck Steve Scalise”.    I just don’t even have words to describe how gross that is.  Journos, professionals, even Presidents are held to a higher standard of behavior.  Who are we to look up to if all of those we are to emulate act like animals?  The world has turned into a shit train of crazy.  No one wants to be polite anymore.   No one wants to be courteous or even empathetic.  I’ve seen so much garbage on Twitter today from all political parties that I finally stopped reading.

Today I feel like I want someone to stop the world so I can get off.